About us

We are just bunch of gamers that decided to work together to make something "great" (something we are happy with).
Our team:
Anubis - Hi my name is Alex aka "Anubis". I am the main creator of this project who just had a weird idea/dream while I was taking a shower. I just thought about making something for creators and people to make them feel safe and appreciated. I want to make soo many "modules" on this website so we will do a lot but I want to try to manage it all and take care of each "module" equaly. I want to make this project in such a way that creators of this platform will get 100% of what they should without me taking anything from them true its unrealistic because I need money to run it but I want to figure out different ways of making just enough to keep on running all the services we are providing. All I need to be happy is for this to run and my creators to prosper. I could write even more explaing everything in more detail but I doubt anyone would want to read that so that's it. Take care!! <3